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Ultimate Edinburgh experience at Slateford House 1770 – a redevelopment of six stunning apartments

Camera Obscura

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Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

Imagine yourself standing on Castlehill, with the iconic Edinburgh Castle looming just a stone’s throw away. It is quite an extraordinary sight, but there is another incredible experience waiting for you right here: Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. This unique attraction offers you a fascinating journey through the world of optical illusions, maze-like rooms, and hands-on exhibits set to amaze and entertain.

As you step inside, prepare to have your mind boggled by the camera obscura itself – a historic marvel of science, art, and technology. You’ll get a chance to experience a live and moving panorama of Edinburgh, all projected within a darkened room through a simple yet powerful mirror and lens system. From there, venture into the vast array of interconnecting floors, each brimming with exhibits that challenge your perceptions.

Camera Obscura

The World of Illusions offers an ever-changing plethora of experiences, as you make your way through more than 100 interactive installations. From navigating your way through the Magical Mirror Maze to embarking on a quest within the Vortex Tunnel, you won’t be disappointed by the endless sense of magic and wonder that awaits. It won’t be long before you realise that nowhere else in Edinburgh offers entertainment quite like this spellbinding attraction.