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Palace of Holyroodhouse

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Official residence of the king in Scotland

As you walk up to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, you are immediately impressed by its grandeur and historical significance. Nestled at the end of the Royal Mile, this magnificent palace has been home to the Kings and Queens of Scotland for centuries. Today, the palace still serves as the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, and Queen Elizabeth II spent time here during her annual visits to the city.

From its original founding by King David I in the 12th century, the palace has gone through countless transformations and expansions. As you explore its many rooms and corridors, you will uncover a remarkable blend of architectural styles and decorative art, reflecting Scotland’s rich history and cultural heritage. Walking through the State Apartments, the Throne Room, and the Great Gallery, you can witness the evolution of royal taste and the ever-changing relationship between the monarchy and its subjects.

Holy Roodhouse

Among the palace’s many treasures, the most captivating might be the tragic tale of Mary, Queen of Scots – a story that continues to both fascinate and haunt visitors. In the Royal Apartments, you will find the chambers she once occupied, and the very spot where her private secretary, David Rizzio, was brutally murdered in 1566. As you immerse yourself in these spaces, you are transported back in time, allowing you to truly grasp the dramatic events that once unfolded within these walls.