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The Royal Botanical Gardens

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A stunning Oasis of Greenery

As you plan your visit to Edinburgh, a delightful location to include on your itinerary is the Royal Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1670, this stunning oasis of greenery is a serene and enchanting place to explore. Over 70 acres of breath-taking landscapes, fascinating plants, and history await your discovery.

Upon entering the gardens, you’ll be immersed in a diverse range of flora from around the world, allowing you to see rare and exotic plants coexisting with more familiar species. There are numerous themed gardens to wander through, including the impressive Chinese Hillside, as well as the Rock Garden and the elegant Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden. The state-of-the-art Glasshouses also exhibit countless exotic plants and climate-controlled environments.

The Royal Botanical Gardens

Throughout your visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens, you’ll not only have the chance to learn more about the beautiful plants that you encounter, but also engage in an array of activities and events. Be it an informative walking tour, an art exhibition or even a delicious bite to eat in the Terrace Café – your day at the gardens will undoubtedly be a memorable and enchanting experience.